Tips To Keep Maintain Car Battery and Best Place To Buy Battery

To keep ourselves energized we need food, the fact is almost same with our favourite vehicle, our car. It needs fuel and also a strong suitable battery for proper functioning. Battery is an essential part of a car, which assists from starting of the car to comfortable cooling. For that reason, it is very important to take good care of your car battery.

Maintenance and periodic checkups of car battery are very essential as it helps in improving the performance of the battery and thus helps in smooth functioning of your car. You do not need a complete know how to keep the battery in the best shape without any kind of disturbance. Just follow some simple tips to make sure your battery lasts long and doesn’t make you stand in the middle of the road.

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battery health checkup
Tips By Authors:-

When you are going to buying car battery, you have to remember few things. Battery Types, Brands and Battery Store Where to Buy.

Battery Types:- Car batteries are of two types, the low maintenance which is the non-sealed type and the maintenance free batteries. The low maintenance batteries are perfect in countries with hot climates. Batteries of this type is not sealed and you can refill the battery with water if needs arises. The maintenance free batteries give long operational life, longer shelf life and fast recharging time. This type of battery can easily result in failed battery or dead battery because the active plate materials have the tendency to shed which resulted in the weakening of the battery.

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Oakter Smart Home Kit- Control Your Home Appliances from Your Smartphone

Switch on/off anything and everything from anywhere and everywhere using Oakter plugs and app. Your water pump, lamp, heater, coffee machine, aqua guard, kettle, A/c, router, Television or hmmm as small as mosquito repellant. Schedule routine activity of appliances on the app & they will turn on and off at the allocated time.

Oakter Smart Home Kit- Buy the revolutionary Oakter Smart Kit and control your home appliances from your smartphone.


okater home kit - 1

BatteryBhai launches the revolutionary Oakter Smart Home Kit. Now you can control your home appliances from your smartphone. EXCLUSIVE Launch Offer: Shop at and grab Extra 10% discount on all Oakter Smart Kits. Limited period offer. Oakter Smart Kits are only available in Delhi/NCR at present.


The oakter mobile app allows you to remotely turn your appliances on or off. It also gives you the power to schedule your appliances to run on a specific time of day without the need for your intervention.  Imagine never having to wait for the bath water to heat up, not fighting with your significant other about turning off that water heater, or rushing home to run that water pump! these are just a few examples or how oakter can help you squeeze more out of your day!


The oakter mobile app allows you to turn on and off, as well as set schedules on, your AC and thermal comfort devices from your smart phone. Imagine turning on your AC on your way home so that you walk into a comfortable room on hot summer days? That’s not it, a smart personal comfort algorithm automatically sets your room temperature to optimum levels based on your choices so that you can always wake up fresh, without feeling dehydrated, or tired.


It is a simple on/off button, but it is on your smartphone, Imagine how easy that makes your life. What’s better? there is a scheduler attached to it! Hand over all the routine tasks to that scheduler, and turn your devices on and off whether you are home in bed, driving to a holiday, or at work. Be it keeping your water-tank full, or dealing with your forgetful moments, or tricking that neighbourhood thief into believing you are home and about, oakter gives you the freedom to be truly mobile.


The Oakter app has an inbuilt comfort algorithm that works to optimise your energy usage without sacrificing your comfort. Combined with the comfort leaf, the oakter app can give you noticeable energy benefits. It also allows you to set your high power consuming cooling devices to more energy efficient modes manually. The scheduling options in your app also ensures that you dont forget to turn of your often forgeotten appliances like water heaters, thus bringing that power bill down.



The power leaves are the hardware ‘things’ in the Oakter system that will let you control your home appliances. There are three flavours to choose from. The 6Amp,16Amp, or the 25Amp Choose your leaf based on the power requirement and electrical connection method of your appliance.



The power/comfort leaves are the hardware ‘things’ in the Oakter system that will let you control your home appliances. The comfort leaf, which is a sensor, can be paired and with a 16Amp leaf or a 25Amp leaf based on the AC/heater that you use. The comfort leaf also doubles up as a USB phone charger at your bedside.



The programmable wireless switch board, or the Touch leaf as we call it, is your saviour for the times when you are home and too lazy to reach your phone, or when your over used smartphone runs out of juice. With the oakter app, you can hook up the three switches of the battery operated touch leaf to any device of your choice, and operate it just like you would, with a wall switch borad. You can even mount one on the wall or let it lie about like your TV remote.



The smart thermostat, which is a sensor, can be paired and with a 16Amp leaf or a25Amp leaf based on the AC/heater that you use. It uses temperature and humidity sensors to identify the ambient conditions of your room. It gives best results if installed close to your bed or the area where you spend most of your time while your AC is running. The comfort leaf also doubles up as a USB phone charger so that you have a bedside charger as well.