BatteryBhai is One of the Best E-commerce Site Design for Batteries in India

One of the basic prerequisites for online selling is an e-commerce site that is easy to use for the customers. In a previous post, we spoke about why sellers prefer online marketplaces over personal e-commerce sites. This blog lists down the various features that make BatteryBhai one of the best e-commerce site designs in India. is an online multi-brand battery store. Definitely a niche area, BatteryBhai has picked up a high ticket size market. BatteryBhai claims to deliver and install (car) batteries and inverters within 24 hours in the all leading cities in India.

Simple UI: A simple and uncluttered user interface is paramount to create a good customer experience. Information must be readily available to the user. This means that the icons and buttons must be self-explanatory, error messages must convey the issue and general usability should be easy. Additionally, having personalised recommendations improves user experience. BatteryBhai has all these features and more, that make it a great shopping experience for your customers.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly: The mark of a good design is a responsive website. Also, since a major chunk of customers browse sites through mobiles, it is necessary for the website to be mobile-friendly. BatteryBhai has a highly responsive design, which makes it easier for the customers to access it through any device.

Navigation: Ease of navigation is another feature that makes BatteryBhai stand out from the rest of the e-commerce websites. The customer is not confused about what their next step is as the flow from searching a product. Browsing through them, adding it to the cart and checking out is extremely seamless.

Page loading: When a page takes a lot of time to load, a customer may lose his interest in the product and in this process you may risk losing out on that customer. Therefore, performance is a major aspect of a good design. The website should be able to load quickly even with slow net speed. Browser compatibility is another aspect of a good design wherein the website should be able to work on browsers whether they are old or new.

Easy checkout process: After adding a product to the cart, if a customer faces issue with checking out he may lose trust in your brand which is why having an easy check out process is highly important. BatteryBhai provides a hassle free check out experience to its users. Additionally, there are various methods of checking out through cards, net-banking, wallets and cash on delivery.

Product discoverability: There are two ways a customer can find a product. One is by searching directly through the search bar and the other is through the navigational bars. In both the cases, discoverability of the product is extremely easy. BatteryBhai ensures that your product is not lost amongst the other products. Also, recommendations can help the customer with all related products as well.

Considering the above mentioned features it is very convenient to sell online batteries and inverters at BatteryBhai than create your own e-commerce site. Additionally, selling on BatteryBhai saves you the cost of creating a website, maintaining it and updating it regularly. To reap the benefits of selling on BatteryBhai, you need to be registered as a seller first. Register yourself by clicking here (Sell On BatteryBhai) and begin your online selling journey today. Grab your chance. Become a Partner in Growth today.

Get instant access to Lakhs of targeted customers across the country and widen your reach. Give a boost to your business with increased sales, more revenue and better incentives from manufacturers. As easy as taking a phone call. Get registered and start selling. We list, manage and promote. No registration or set-up charges. You pay us only when you get sales.


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